Siemens PLC

Germany's SIEMENS (SIEMENS A&D) company Europe famous typical PLC programmable controller manufacturers representative. Germany's Siemens (Siemens industrial control products to the automation) high performance product line, rich and for a long time. In the medium and large PLC products field and American A-B company &jeremy.

Siemens PLC programmable controller mainly products are S5, s7-series. In S5 series, s5-90 U, S-95 U belong to miniature integral PLC; S5-100 U is small module type PLC, most can be configured to 256 I/O point; S5-115 U is medium PLC, most can be configured to 1024 I/O point; S5-115 UH is medium machine, it is by two electric SS 115 U composed of dual machine redundant system; S5-155 U, at most, can be configured for mainframes to 4096 I/O point, analog can reach more than 300 road; SS 155 H, it is by the mainframe is two sets of s5-155 U double machine redundancy system. And S7 series is Siemens series based on PLC in S5 launch new products, in recent years the high ratio of performance, including series s7-200 PLC, belong to the mini series s7-300 PLC, for small and middle belongs to s7-400 series of large in high performance belongs to PLC.