Shanxi: Lei Feng lightning popularization of volunteers in action

Jointly organized by the Committee and the Shanxi provincial authorities group Xincheng District, Xi'an Youth League "Youth Voluntary Service Yao Sanqin authorities in Action" learning from Lei Feng volunteer service activities in Park City revolution held lightning in Shaanxi Province organized by the Centre popularization of volunteer teams participated in the event.

The active site, popularization of volunteer teams by placing panels lightning awareness, lightning to the public in the past, popular science propaganda material and fine shopping bags and other forms of publicity, and patiently explain to the public the reasons for lightning strikes, when lightning occurs hedging and other lightning how scientific knowledge, the people who have said something like this scientific knowledge to promote its so popular, always crowded booth, the atmosphere is very warm.

Through this activity, not only the popularity of the Lightning science knowledge of the masses, so that more people understand the importance of lightning protection and care, but also to improve people's scientific and cultural level has played a positive role in promoting. Lightning Protection Center of Shanxi Province will vigorously promote practical action to serve the people, the Lei Feng spirit of helping others improve lightning team moral, practical action to practice the spirit of Lei Feng.

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Apr. 11, 2016