Shandong Railway Administration Will Develop Safety Inspection Activities

The journalist learned from Shandong railway administration, from August 2 to September 30, Taowei Railway will develop two months of safety inspection activities. Against there will be more thunderstorms in Summer, it will be arranged a census, test on lightning protection equipment and replace unqualified lightning protection devices.
Weihai railway administration staff said, draw hard for the "7.23" very grave railway accident lesson, the city to the railway administration on August 2, up to September 30,, to develop a massive security production examination campaign. The safety check passenger security, equipment quality covers, security management, the field work, etc aspects.
Since this was big, annual rainfall, flood, Weihai city railway administration will also focus on reinforcing construction of the flood control and drainage facilities ability examination. To the railway bridge in the reservoir is foundation reinforcement, and built in the downstream bohe elam. The existing landslide, collapse, rockfalls geological hazards, such as the location of the hidden danger for the inspection. And in the summer, for more than a thunderstorm lightning protection equipment on a census, test, change in timeu nqualified lightning protection device.