Rockwell Automation Chinese headquarters in Shanghai

In April, 2008, Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation (China) Co., LTD, founded and registered Rockwell Automation, will grouped Rockwell Automation many kinds of resources in China, including sales, logistics, research and development, management, finance and support services, so that the more effectively serve the Chinese market and customers. On December 26, 2008, rockwell automation (China) limited company headquarters and its Shanghai branch, rockwell automation (China) research and development center, rockwell automation asia-pacific Shared service center in Shanghai, the official move to new site located in Shanghai caohejing developing zone of the office.
Rockwell automation Chinese headquarters in Shanghai is rockwell automation rooted China for 20 years and a major step. The company will continue to put the leading global provider of automation technology, solutions and experience for introducing China, to help China to further improve manufacturing capability and development advantages, the successful implementation from "manufacturing power" to green manufacturing the transition of power.