Residential surge protection equipment required annual inspection

Metropolis Daily News (reporter Xu Wei) warning delay will be accountable, residential surge protection equipment required annual inspection. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Meteorological Bureau of Wuhan City, "Wuhan meteorological disaster prevention measures" will be September 1 officially implemented, this is the first issued by the Ministry of Wuhan Meteorological categories of government regulations.

"Measures" mentioned in forecasting and early warning information dissemination will expand the scope of the meteorological disaster losses are minimized. Meteorological disaster occurrence, meteorological departments will timely warning information, warning delay will be accountable. Meteorological disaster information release, radio, television, Internet, newspapers, audio and other media and telecommunications operators and information service units will be broadcast to the public timely warning information.

"In addition, we will in all community development meteorological information, when a heavy rain, lightning and other weather disasters, meteorological information to the public through community boards, radio, loudspeakers and other methods, and timely meteorological disaster warning information transfer to the residents. "meteorological department official said, the current South Lake community and the community as a demonstration Baibuting point attempt, the future will gradually be extended to other cells.

"Wuhan summer lightning storms are more, but has been put into use in lightning protection devices, but not regularly tested, can cause economic loss, endanger personal safety." The official said, the current residential lightning detection coverage is low, according to regulations, the future, install lightning protection devices buildings inspected once a year. And inflammable and explosive materials and dangerous chemicals production, storage facilities and locations lightning protection device tested once every six months.

In order to further promote the meteorological services, meteorological departments will strengthen the monitoring site construction, is expected to reach the city center by 2015, every five kilometers a, 10 km far from the city every one. Meanwhile according to different regions, increasing monitoring facilities.