Prevent electrical fires before they happen

According to statistics, electrical fires accounted for 27.9% of the total number of fires, ranking first among all types of fires. The losses caused by electrical fires have accounted for about 40% of the total fire losses. In particular, the malignant fires that have occurred in recent years are all caused by electrical fires. Therefore, preventing and reducing electrical fires is an important issue for enterprises An important job that cannot be ignored by the family.
Dubang insurance professionals believe that most electrical fires can be avoided. This requires that electrical fire prevention work should be done in peacetime, including the following points:
1. Improve related management system and inspection system;
2. Use advanced technical means to regularly inspect, repair and maintain electrical circuits and equipment, and promptly rectify any hidden fire hazards discovered. For example, since 1989, after the mandatory installation of fire-proof and leakage alarm devices in Japan, the proportion of electrical fires that occur each year has greatly decreased. Electrical fires only account for about 10% of the total number of fires, while the per capita electricity consumption in Japan is 8 times that of my country. Early electrical fire alarm systems can avoid losses, while traditional automatic fire alarm systems can only reduce losses.
3. Insist on the annual legal inspection of lightning protection and anti-static facilities to prevent problems before they happen;
4. Strengthen the safety inspection, supervision and management functions of the fire department, and strengthen the inspection of electrical fire hazards;
5. At the same time, relevant departments and enterprises should strengthen the publicity of electrical fires through various media, make the public aware of the hazards of electrical fires, and improve the technical management level of various electrical equipment. As long as everyone can pay attention to this, and understand the relevant knowledge of preventing electrical fires, and prevent illegal construction and illegal use of electricity, can we fundamentally reduce the occurrence of electrical fires and protect people's lives and property.
Information link: Electrical fires include industrial electricity fires, household electricity fires, lightning fires, static electricity fires, etc. The main causes of electrical fires are dereliction of duty, incomplete management system, unreasonable use, etc., such as: electrical equipment failure, electrical circuit short circuit, excessive heating of local contact resistance, overload power consumption, leakage current, use Fake and shoddy electrical components, illegal construction, lightning, static electricity and artificial electric arson can all cause electrical fires.
On June 10, 2005, Huanan Hotel, Xiashan Street, Chaonan District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, caused a sudden fire due to a short circuit of wires. The total area of ​​the fire was 2,800 square meters. 43 rooms were destroyed by fire and 31 people were killed in the fire;
On March 29, 2000, a fire broke out in the "Heaven" Audiovisual Club in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province due to the burning of combustible materials nearby, which killed 79 people;
On December 8, 1994, a fire at the Friendship Palace in Karamay, Xinjiang, caused the deaths of 288 students and 37 teachers. The cause of the fire was caused by the lighting of the iodine tungsten lamp igniting the curtains... because of electric heating, electric irons, Electric stoves and other electrical appliances have caused numerous fires, and factory fires also occur frequently due to short circuit of wires, equipment failure, overloading of electricity, lightning, static electricity and other reasons, causing immeasurable losses to people's lives and property.

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Aug.24, 2020