Ningbo: Jointly promote infrastructure sharing and sharing with the company

China Meteorological News correspondent Du Kun reported that on February 20, Ningbo Meteorological Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Railway Tower Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch to jointly improve the level of infrastructure construction and sharing, promote the integration of meteorological industry and communication industry and new Technology application promotion.
According to the agreement, the two sides will establish an irregular meeting system and information technology communication mechanism, timely communicate information on work promotion, project construction, etc., coordinate and promote the implementation of work; continuously expand the scope and content of cooperation, and comprehensively strengthen the planning of meteorological facilities and tower target network The combination will promote the coordination of meteorological facilities and the construction of base station towers, and jointly promote the sharing and sharing of infrastructure such as towers and regional weather stations. The Municipal Meteorological Bureau will strengthen the standardization of lightning protection for communication infrastructure and strengthen technical support such as lightning protection detection and lightning investigation and identification. The company will provide professional communication infrastructure support for Ningbo meteorological services, service optimization and upgrades.

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Sept.03, 2018