Ningbo: Establish an all-round localized multi-sector lightning protection system

China Meteorological News correspondent Huang Jing reported Recently, the Ningbo Municipal Government of Zhejiang Province issued the "Ningbo City Measures for the Prevention of Lightning Disasters (Revised)" (referred to as "Measures"), which was officially implemented since May 1. A comprehensive, localized, multi-sectoral lightning protection regulatory system was established.
On the basis of the upper-level laws such as the Meteorological Disaster Prevention Regulations and the Ningbo Municipal Meteorological Disaster Prevention Regulations, the Measures are made from the lightning protection permit for construction projects, the daily supervision of lightning protection devices, the main responsibility of enterprises, and the emergency disposal of lightning disasters. The specific provisions shall fully implement the lightning protection permit and post-event supervision duties as stipulated in the “Decision of the State Council on Optimizing the Lightning Protection Permit for Construction Projects”.
The "Measures" mainly have four highlights. First, it is necessary to clarify the supervisory responsibilities of government departments, and require government departments at the city and county levels to incorporate lightning protection safety into the safety production supervision system. Second, integrate the lightning protection licenses for housing construction projects and municipal infrastructure projects originally undertaken by the meteorological department. It is included in the construction project construction drawing review and completion acceptance; the third is to clarify the daily supervision duties of the safety production supervision and management department, and the lightning protection equipment inspection report should be checked in the industry (field) safety production inspection; the fourth is to clarify the enterprise safety main responsibility, lightning The owner or manager of the protective device is responsible for daily maintenance work. The operation and management unit of the inflammable and explosive place shall formulate an emergency plan, do daily inspections and organize drills.

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May.20, 2019