Mongolia: Meteorology and emergency management jointly strengthen disaster prevention, mitigation and relief

On July 25, the Meteorological Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Emergency Management Department of the Autonomous Region held a symposium to summarize the emergency joint prevention and control work after signing the cooperation framework agreement, communicate the needs, and clarify the direction of the next step of cooperation.
The Emergency Management Department of the Autonomous Region stated that all aspects of emergency rescue work are inseparable from the meteorological work. The meteorological department has made great contributions to the safety production, disaster prevention and mitigation, and decision-making services of the entire region. It is hoped that both parties will strengthen data connectivity and applications to achieve effectiveness. Establish a mechanism for weather warning, forecasting, and consultation and cooperation; strengthen research on forest and grassland fire-fighting and other special natural disasters.
The two departments will further strengthen cooperation in data sharing, early warning information release, consultations and judgments, lightning protection safety supervision, etc., and work together to do a good job in disaster prevention and mitigation, give full play to the role of the "first line of defense" in meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, and continue to improve The ability and level of preventing and resolving major risks and ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property.

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Oct. 04, 2021