Meteorological and insurance experts suggest: rationally respond to lightning disasters

The article "Thunderstorms and seasons experts said lightning protection" published in "Shenyang Daily" caught the attention of readers. In recent days, many readers have called the newspaper service hotline 81053456 to inquire about lightning protection. More readers' advice: What should citizens do if they suffer property damage due to lightning strikes? Can it be used to make up for the loss through insurance? The reporter consulted experts from relevant departments such as meteorology and insurance on this issue.
Meteorological department identification is an important basis for claims

The reporter contacted Park Ge, Director of the Policy and Regulation Division of Shenyang Meteorological Bureau. According to Park Ge, according to the relevant regulations of the Measures for the Management of Lightning and Disaster Mitigation, organizations and individuals suffering from lightning disasters should report to the local meteorological authority in a timely manner and assist local meteorological authorities to investigate and identify lightning disasters. After confirming the facts of the disaster, the meteorological department can issue relevant appraisals to the victims. If the victim has previously invested property insurance in the insurance company, the identification is an important basis for the claim.
After being damaged by lightning strikes, it is necessary to "reinforce the sheep"
Park Gee reminds the public that if they are damaged by lightning strikes, they must "reinforce the dead" and beware of lightning disasters once and for all. Where lightning strikes occur, it is likely that lightning strikes will occur again. According to the information, a dairy farm in Luanping County, Hebei Province, suffered 8 lightning strikes in 4 years. Six cows were killed, 15 cows were injured, and dozens of cows were knocked down together. . Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the defense against lightning disasters. For example, install a lightning rod or lightning protection belt on the building, and install a lightning arrester, signal lightning arrester, and antenna feeder lightning arrester in the building.
Insured, write the address, move to do the correction
If the public suffers from a lightning disaster, what kind of insurance can make up for such losses? The reporter contacted Zhao Xingdong, director of the Claims Center of Shenyang Branch of China People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd.
Zhao Xingdong said that due to the large variety of insurance, citizens must be sure that the insurance contract is the type of insurance they need when they apply for insurance. For the compensation for losses caused by natural disasters such as lightning strikes, you can consider the comprehensive insurance for family property. The scope and amount of protection can be determined according to your own needs. In the event of a natural disaster or accident, the insurance company will compensate for the items listed in the policy. When the insured's property suffers losses due to lightning strikes, when the insured claims to the insurance company, the insurance policy must first be issued and the guarantee must be issued, followed by the weather warning issued by the meteorological department. Moreover, the insured and the insurance company have to negotiate and ask the professional maintenance department to verify whether the property has been damaged by lightning strikes. The insurance company and the policyholder will solve the problem fairly and fairly according to the contract. Zhao Xingdong reminded the public that once insured, it must be clearly stated the address of the insured property. If the insured person moves during the insurance period, he must go to the insurance company to go through the formalities for correction.

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Nov. 25, 2019