Mengjin lightning protection lectures into the military camp

On Oct 07th, the Mengjin County Meteorological Bureau Lightning Protection Center contacted the local garrison and organized the technical backbone to go to the garrison 71781 Artillery Regiment to hold a lightning protection knowledge lecture.
Lightning protection technicians gave detailed explanations on the causes of lightning, lightning protection, lightning protection and other common sense. Combined with the lightning strike examples, the emphasis was placed on the focus of lightning protection in work and life, and the current situation of lightning ammunition depots and regiments. He made a comprehensive analysis and seriously answered the questions raised by the officers and men. He distributed nearly a thousand copies of the science materials on lightning protection knowledge, which was unanimously welcomed by the majority of officers and men. Through this lecture, officers and soldiers have further improved their lightning protection awareness, and have a new understanding of lightning protection, anti-static and daily lightning protection emergency measures. (Li Dan)
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Oct. 14, 2019