lightning protection measures for electrical and electronic equipment

 Thunderstorm season is mainly due to the impact of electrical safety lightning electromagnetic induction or lightning invasion.

For a family , the waves invade include  power lines, telephone lines , cable or wireless TV feeder routes.
These pathways and home appliances are directly connected to the external circuit , it will be more serious when these lines are overhead.

Landline : Under normal circumstances, there is a telephone line input port protector anti abnormal voltage , but if the distance telephone line very close to the lightning , there may be a high-intensity abnormal voltage invasion of telephones and cause harm to humans . Therefore, in the strong thunderstorms ,  not to call for personal safety as well.

Solar water heaters : lightning protection devices should be installed , it is best not to use solar water heaters thunder .

Televisions and other appliances : For televisions, air conditioners and other appliances , good grounding of electrical equipment , we recommend using a lightning protection socket , household appliances and building facades to maintain a certain distance.

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