Lightning formation

Lightning is an extremely magnificent natural phenomenon, an ancient and mysterious science. Thunderbolt gave birth to the life of the earth, and it also contributed to the civilization on earth. However, the tremendous destructive power of thunder and lightning has brought disasters to human society. The struggle between mankind and nature has never stopped, and the struggle against thunder and lightning has been fruitful. With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the lightning protection technology has made rapid progress.
Lightning is one of the weather phenomena. During the formation of thunderclouds, some clouds carry positive electricity, while others have negative charges. Their electrostatic induction of the earth creates an opposite charge on the ground. When these cloud charges accumulate to a certain extent, the electric field strength between clouds of different charges or between the clouds and the earth can break through the air (generally 25-30 kV/cm) to start the free discharge. We call this free discharge a "lead discharge". The cloud's pilot discharge to the earth is a gradual development of the cloud to the ground (step). When it reaches the ground (higher than the ground buildings, overhead power lines, etc.) ), it will produce an inverse main discharge from the ground to the cloud.
In the main discharge phase, due to the intense neutralization of the opposite charge, a large current (generally tens of thousands of amps to hundreds of thousands of amps) will occur, followed by a strong discharge flash, which is lightning; powerful currents put lightning The air in the channel is heated to more than 10,000 degrees, causing the air to suddenly expand and make a loud noise. This is the thunder, which forms lightning.

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Oct. 28, 2019