Life reminder: Is your house lightning protection?

The lightning disaster seems to be very far away from daily life, but every year it will bring a lot of losses to the public. Recently, the reporter interviewed the relevant staff of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau and asked them to introduce the mine lightning protection knowledge to the public. According to reports, the city is a typical area of ​​frequent lightning disasters. Now, many lightning protection devices in buildings have hidden dangers, especially with the increase of high-rise buildings in the city, communication equipment, computers and other modern equipment with weak anti-interference ability. More and more popular, many electrical appliances in the family will "lead into the room", and lightly damage the electrical appliances, but also life-threatening. Therefore, when buying a new house, be sure to check whether the building has a "Lightning Protection Device Acceptance Certificate". According to the professional, the public can judge whether the house has lightning protection. You can check whether the house has a lightning protection certificate. Check whether there is a safe lightning protection device on the roof of the house, that is, lightning rod or lightning protection belt. Check whether the distribution box has protection. Thunder grounding terminal; check whether there is a safety grounding wire in the power socket in the house; whether the metal structure of the large metal door, window and other metal walls of the high-rise residential building adopts safety grounding measures; whether there is an equipotential box (row) in the house, the device is generally pre- Installed in the bathroom; whether the iron beyond the roof is connected to the top lightning protection device, such as solar water heaters, water tanks, etc.

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Sept.16, 2019