Jiujiang: Promote full coverage of lightning protection safety supervision

Huang Lan, correspondent of China Meteorological News, reported that lightning protection and disaster reduction should be included in the scope of public safety supervision and management, and the municipal government will hold a joint meeting on meteorological disaster prevention and lightning protection safety in the city, signing responsibility for lightning protection safety industry supervision with 10 departments, and establishing lightning protection law enforcement. Brigade... Recently, the Jiujiang Meteorological Bureau of Jiangxi Province frequently made moves in the field of lightning protection and built a fully covered lightning protection safety supervision network.
“Every time I receive the severe weather warning information from the Meteorological Bureau, I will use our safety production command platform to remind all safety production units and enterprises to pay attention to prevention in advance, especially those who produce and sell fireworks. Enterprise. Mao Dongming, head of the Fireworks and Firecracker Supervision and Management Section of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, told the author with satisfaction. Behind the smooth flow is the unremitting efforts of the Jiujiang Municipal Meteorological Bureau. In 2018, the bureau became one of the members of the professional committee of the Municipal Security Committee. It established a joint conference system for lightning protection with 10 departments, which made the lightning protection work truly valued.
The Jiujiang Meteorological Bureau and the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, the Tourism Bureau, the Port Authority and other units jointly issued a document to promote departmental joint law enforcement inspections to improve law enforcement efficiency. The bureau has also signed lightning protection safety responsibility letters with 78 key lightning protection units to effectively implement the main responsibility of the company's lightning protection safety. At the same time, innovatively apply the national unified credit platform to the construction of lightning protection credit supervision system, and implement multi-department linkage to implement the credit information disclosure and joint punishment of lightning protection testing units to improve the socialization, rule of law, intelligence and specialization of governance. Level.
The Jiujiang Meteorological Bureau urged the municipal government to issue the “Administrative Measures for Jiujiang City Lightning Protection Key Units”, clarify the responsibilities and tasks of the management of key units for lightning protection, and formulate a number of local standards to guide the society to participate in lightning protection services in an orderly manner. Notice on the adjustment of administrative powers such as design review of lightning protection devices, and clarify the scope of permission and the boundary of responsibility for meteorological, urban construction, highway and other departments. Nowadays, the information of the relevant person in charge of the key industry sectors of the city's safety production and the information of the person in charge of the key lightning protection enterprises have been fully integrated into the warning message publishing platform of Jiujiang Meteorological Bureau, and the meteorological disaster warning information and disaster risk warnings can be transmitted in time.

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May.27, 2019