Hubei: meteorological community lightning safety supervision carried out jointly by the special inspection

China Meteorological News reported a few days ago, the Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau, Administration of Production Safety Supervision jointly issued a notice, in the province to carry out special inspections of lightning safety for the community (including residential areas).
Object of the special inspection activities are all kinds of community is installed lightning protection devices, lightning protection devices whether have the annual inspection, lightning protection device meets the demand. Meanwhile through the news media and other forms of publicity of the importance and necessity of special activities to enhance public awareness of mine safety. Meteorological departments at all levels of the organization notification requirements do lightning safety inspection records, safety supervision departments to supervise grassroots grasp the safety inspection.

Notification requirements multisectoral closely cooperate with the establishment of community Lightning Safety Collaboration. Neighborhoods and communities do lightning disaster in accordance with lightning safety responsibilities. Meteorological departments to strengthen lightning safety supervision and guidance to better identify work hazards and accident investigation and lightning disasters.

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July. 27, 2015