Huayin take more measures to do a good job in winter lightning disaster reduction work

A few days ago, in order to do a good job in the winter lightning disaster reduction services work, Huaxin City, Shanxi Province Meteorological Bureau to actively take a variety of measures to promote lightning disaster relief work in depth.

First, vigorously strengthen the propaganda efforts, by taking the leaflets, television weather forecast section, for schools, enterprises to lightning safety knowledge lectures, etc., and strive to improve the awareness of the masses of lightning awareness; Second, further strict testing, the city High-rise buildings, flammable and explosive, computer information venues and other network-type investigation, urging the detection of lightning protection devices; Third, the implementation of lightning protection device annual inspection, lightning engineering drawings review, completion acceptance system. On the refusal to accept the detection of lightning protection devices or new audit, the completion of acceptance of the unit, the enterprise issued a notice of administrative law enforcement, timely rectification of security risks, from the source effectively prevent the building does not install lightning protection device violations.

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Feb.27, 2017