Huangdao power company is starting lightning protection equipment "physical" of substation

May 19, at 110 kV substation in Yinzhu, the staff is for the substation equipment, lightning protection facilities "physical" to ensure the safe operation of the power grid.
With the arrival of thunderstorm season, Huangdao power company rainy day, meticulous planning, initiative and carry out multi-mine equipment owned substation "physical" work to ensure that lightning equipment "health posts." The company combines lightning event over the years, a profound analysis of the reasons for failure of lightning, in timely revise and improve programs; "physical" work for the lightning equipment, develop a detailed work plan and feasibility of measures to organize professional and technical personnel mine substation special safety inspection system; for safety hazards found and damaged arrester eliminating defects in a timely manner, can not eliminate the lack of timely reporting of issues relevant departments for the timely development of corrective action plans, eliminate security risks; enhance communication and meteorological sectors establishing lightning warning mechanism to ensure the device safe and stable operation in the thunderstorm season; strengthening security control field operations staff to do a good job-site safety technical measures, arrange care, ensure that all work to promote the safe and orderly.

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June. 01,2015