Huan County: Carry out lightning protection safety inspections at gas stations on high-speed sections

On July 19, the Huanxian Meteorological Bureau of Gansu Province carried out a special law enforcement inspection on lightning protection and safety at gas stations along the Huantian section of the newly-built Tianyong Expressway.
Law enforcement personnel mainly conduct on-site inspections on the construction of enterprise emergency plans, employee lightning protection safety training, hidden danger investigation and rectification, lightning protection test reports, the qualifications of entrusted lightning protection agencies and the qualifications of inspectors, and the implementation of lightning protection safety responsibilities. The problem ordered the relevant gas station to rectify within a time limit. At the same time, law enforcement officials require companies to strengthen the lightning protection safety education of employees, enhance the awareness of lightning protection safety, and build a strong line of defense for safe production. 

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Aug. 30, 2021