Hebei Lightning Protection Center reminds: Outdoor billboards also need to be protected from lightning

Hebei Lightning Protection Center reminds: Beware of opening billboards during thunderstorms
The reporter learned from the Lightning Protection Center of the Handan Meteorological Bureau that many of the city's billboards are not equipped with lightning protection facilities, and effective lightning protection cannot be achieved at all. Citizens should pay attention to avoiding billboards during thunderstorms.
Handan Meteorological Bureau Lightning Protection Center Zhangbei Province said that it is now standing on the streets of cities, high-rise buildings and huge billboards next to highways. Increasingly, "while billboards are erected, lightning protection facilities are ignored."
"The card province said," There have been lightning strikes at baseball in billboards. . At present, many billboards; "Most of the billboards are made of iron, it is easy to cause lightning. There is no lightning protection facilities, and the harm is self-evident." The electronic network system inside the building, the safety of household appliances and people pose a great threat. Zhang Bo said that large billboards standing next to highways and streets must be well grounded independently. Billboards on the side of high-rise buildings must receive lightning protection strips and smaller billboards on the roof. , Also have to take measures such as grounding lightning protection.
The Lightning Protection Center of the Handan Meteorological Bureau reminds: If the billboards are not provided with lightning protection measures, it is likely to endanger the life of rain sheltered people. Therefore, citizens should try to avoid billboards during thunderstorms. The reporter learned that Handan City has no specific regulations on how to prevent lightning on its billboards.

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Jan. 06, 2020