Harmful form of lightning

The former is very harmful to the aircraft, and the building (structure), electrical and electronic equipment and people, livestock are very large. About 8 million cloud lightnings occur on Earth every day, an average of 100 times per second.
The lightning current always chooses the closest distance, and the most conductive path is discharged to the earth. Any conductive particles in the air pile up, the towering objects on the ground, and the ground and underground areas with low resistivity are easy to fall.
Buildings, structures, people, animals, etc. that invade the ground by lightning can cause disasters. The main forms are:
Direct lightning strikes (including direct lightning strikes, side lightning strikes) - In lightning activity areas, lightning strikes directly through the human body, building (structure), equipment and other electric shock phenomena caused by ground discharge is a direct lightning strike.
Indirect lightning strikes - lightning currents are invaded into structures (structures) through electrostatic induction, electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic pulse radiation, lightning overvoltage intrusion, lightning counterattacks (collectively, inductive lightning), causing damage to building (structure) and equipment components. Personal injury or death.
The severity of the lightning disaster is manifested in its great destructiveness. It is characterized by high lightning discharge voltage, large lightning current amplitude, fast change, short discharge time and steep lightning current waveform. The destructive effect of lightning is the strong current, the hot high temperature, the violent shock wave, the drastic electromagnetic field and the strong electromagnetic radiation and other physical effects, which bring great harm to human society, causing casualties, huge damage, fire and explosion, serious loss. Lightning disasters cover a wide range of areas, human social activities, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, construction, electricity, communications, aerospace, transportation, petrochemical, financial securities and other industries, almost nothing. The more serious it is.

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Nov. 4, 2019