Fuzhou: Provide feedback for the annual quality assessment results of lightning protection inspection companies

Fuzhou Meteorological Bureau of Fujian Province held a centralized feedback meeting on the quality assessment results of lightning protection testing qualification companies. More than 10 lightning protection testing qualification companies with problems sent representatives to the meeting.
The Fuzhou Meteorological Bureau explained the problems of insufficient accuracy and completeness of the data found in the annual quality assessment of lightning protection inspection companies and the supervision and inspection of inspection activities, inaccurate applicability of test standards, and insufficient consistency between test reports and original records. And answers, and issued a notice of rectification within a deadline to each company on the spot.

This feedback will urge the testing company to improve the quality of testing services and standardize the testing process. The Municipal Meteorological Bureau will continue to track the implementation of rectifications by relevant qualified companies, strengthen the application of quality assessment results, further improve the supervision during and after the event, and urge the completion of rectification and implementation. 

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Dec. 27, 2021