Fatech published new lightning strike counters

 According to market requirement, Fatech developed and published new lightning strike counters.

1. Lightning strick counter analogue with reset function FLRC-S/R.

Main function is as below,

-4 digits (9999) mechanical lightning counter, analogue type.
-Press a button and to reset the display number to "0".
-No need power supply / battery. 
-Sensitive response and wide lightning current measuring range.
-Installation window dia. 30mm.
-Can be used together with all kinds of lightning and surge protector and equipment.

2. Lightning strike counter digital, with monitoring function.

Main characteristics:

- Installed together with SPD, or independently.
- Recording lightning/surge event times, monitoring SPD working status, and/or the front breaker working status.
- Online display status, terminals for monitor two groups circuit working status (two group SPDs, or one group SPD + one group MCB, or two MCBs working status). 
- Data recorded accurately, 9999 times, data will not lose when power off. 
- Terminal for connecting with back-up power, when power off, surge counter still can work.
- DIN rail installation.