Earthquake in the future will in more rain to pay attention to rain and lightning

Reporters from yesterday's Provincial Bureau of Meteorology held in Luidian earthquake disaster situation briefing was informed that the next three days the earthquake disaster area more than thunderstorms and local areas will be thunderstorms and short-term heavy rainfall, the disaster area and the masses Rescue workers should pay attention to prevent lightning disasters, to protect personal safety.

Yesterday night to 8 days, most areas of precipitation decreased, to short-term thunderstorms, but there are still local and short-term heavy rainfall. Daytime sky less cloud cover, low altitude high temperature, the maximum temperature in the afternoon will reach more than 35 degrees, the tent temperature will be higher, to do a good job in summer heat prevention work.

Meteorological departments to remind the next three days to prevent the rain on the disaster caused by the adverse effects; Kunming and Zhaoyang to Ludian along the road with thunderstorms, early heavy rainfall process and the recent continuous precipitation caused Zhaotong and Qujing North and other places Landslides, mudslides and other geological disasters, a higher level of risk, rescue vehicles should pay attention to traffic safety; earthquake zone afternoon, especially in the valley area is high temperature, need to do summer heat epidemic prevention work; the next few days earthquake local strong rainfall, Note that due to landslides and other obstacles formed by the barrier lake.

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Mar.27, 2017