Dry in spring, keep away from electrostatic damage

In the dry spring, many people have this experience: When shaking hands, they will have a momentary tingling sensation of "over-electricity" as soon as their fingertips touch each other; combing hair in the morning becomes more and more chaotic, even "angry"; undressing at night It will be accompanied by a "crackling" blue flash...These are phenomena caused by static electricity. But experts remind that the harm of static electricity is not only these prank jokes, it can also bring unexpected damage to the human body.
Fu Qiang, director of the dermatology department of the Qinghai Red Cross Hospital, said that due to static electricity constantly adsorbing the surrounding dust, it may contain a variety of harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria, which can affect health after gathering in the human body. In daily life, the computer screen generates static electricity to absorb a large amount of suspended dust. Therefore, people who use the computer for a long time are prone to erythema and pigmentation on the face. The incidence of facial diseases is much higher than that of those who do not use a computer. In addition, many people have unexplained skin itching, irritability, backaches and legs, dizziness, chest tightness, and throat and nose discomfort. In fact, this may be because the continuous static electricity environment affects the work of the myocardium and increases the alkalinity of the blood, which leads to the above symptoms.
The electrostatic interference on the skin surface will also change the normal potential difference of the human body surface, affecting the normal electrophysiological process of the myocardium and the normal conduction of the electrocardiogram. In particular, the skin of the elderly is relatively drier than that of the young, and factors such as the aging of the cardiovascular system, the weakened anti-interference ability, and the thinning of the chest wall make the elderly particularly vulnerable to static electricity.
So, how to avoid static electricity hazards in the dry spring? Director Pan Zhong of the Thunder and Lightning Protection Device Monitoring Institute of Xining City offered a few tricks for everyone:
First of all, the indoor air should maintain a certain humidity, and some potted flowers and plants should be properly raised. When the relative humidity of the air is lower than 35%, it is easy to rub and generate static electricity; when the relative humidity rises to 45%, static electricity is difficult to generate, so when the weather is particularly dry, you might as well sprinkle some clean water at home or use a humidifier.
The second is to ground the household appliances, such as televisions, air conditioners, etc. It is best not to use chemical fiber carpets. It is best not to place the TV in the bedroom, and to open the window when watching TV, and to be 2 to 3 meters away from the screen. Wash your hands and face after watching TV and computer.
Third, for the elderly, children, and heart disease patients whose cause cannot be found, it is recommended to choose soft and smooth pure cotton or silk underwear to reduce the negative stimulation of static electricity on the body.

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Oct. 26, 2020