Data center computer room integrated lightning protection solution

With the continuous deepening of the railway computer network application system and the continuous expansion of the system scale, the problem of the computer room "thunder" accident has become more and more prominent. In the process of computer network communication equipment gradually replacing the backward communication equipment, its own lightning protection problem has gradually emerged. The computer room in the Guanmei area of ​​Guangmeishan Railway Co., Ltd. often has “thunder” equipment in the thunderstorm season. The failure caused the network application system to be interrupted, which seriously interfered with the driving safety and directly affected the company's railway transportation production efficiency. The reason for the frequent occurrence of "thunder" faults in computer network equipment is that a large number of networked microelectronic devices used in the system, and some have not implemented comprehensive lightning protection for computers and network communication equipment in accordance with national and international lightning protection standards. The computer network rooms under the Guangmeiyu Railway Co., Ltd. are located in the traditional strong lightning strike zone in Guangdong. According to the data provided by the thunderstorm days of major cities and towns in the “Building Meteorological Parameters Standards” of the Ministry of Construction, the annual average thunderstorm in Guangzhou The number is 87.6 days, which is a high thunderstorm area. According to the on-site topographic analysis: the computer network rooms under the Guangmeiyu Railway Co., Ltd. are distributed along the field railway, and the surrounding of the building is relatively empty. The front of the computer room is an extended rail, and the environment is very harsh. According to the recent lightning protection requirements of the Ministry of Railways for communication equipment along the railway, the computer room under the Guangmeiyu Railway Co., Ltd. must be comprehensively protected. Based on the principle of reliable safety and saving, the computer room under the Guangmeiyu Railway Co., Ltd. can be divided into three categories according to the importance and scale of the machine room (ie, large computer room, medium computer room and small computer room). The most effective, economical and appropriate lightning protection solutions for these three types of computer rooms are comprehensively integrated with lightning protection.

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Sept.9, 2019