Fatech Electronic (CHINA) LTD computer surge protection devices, designed for protection of computer network system, digital telecommunication systems. Computer surge protection devices with features of low insertion loss, low residual voltage, fast response and long lifetime.
Product Name
  • rj45 surge protector


    FS-RJ45-6/100-8 rj45 surge protectors, 8 lines, transmission rate 100M, are applied to the protection against inductive over voltage, power interference & electrostatic discharge (ESD) for sensitive lines of telecommunications. e.g. computer network equipment, switches, routers, HUBs & MODEMs. FATECH signal surge protectors give your equipment surge protection.
    rj45 surge protector
  • Signal surge arresters transmission rate 1000M, alluminum alloy shell, RJ45 interface, 1000M.
    signal surge arrester FS-RJ45-6/1000
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