China's lightning electromagnetic pulse protection research advances into the world

According to China Central Television's news webcast, Zhou Yanhua, chief professor of PLA University of Science and Technology, successfully solved many problems of lightning electromagnetic pulse protection, making China's research in this field one of the world's leading.
Lightning and lightning are a common natural phenomenon. Improper protection will cause huge losses to the lives and property of the people, and military electronic systems will be paralyzed during wartime. After 20 years of hard work, Zhou Yihua broke through the habit of using the earth as an ideal conductor, established a new mathematical model, and successfully solved world problems such as the prediction of the electromagnetic pulse environment within 100 meters from the lightning strike point. The results of this research are published in 8 pages.
At present, the national industry standards for electromagnetic pulse protection prepared by Zhou Yihua have been promulgated and implemented. Of the 18 major scientific research projects she chaired, 11 have won national and military science and technology progress awards.

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Dec. 30, 2019