Beijing: lightning safety into the city safety inspection

A few days ago,  Beijing lightning safety into the safety inspection, to become the Beijing Meteorological meteorological departments to fulfill the functions of social management and promote meteorological work of the government of important initiatives. Municipal Meteorological Bureau shortly before the City Administration jointly issued the lightning safety inspection carried out the notice of the city's lightning safety inspection work carried out full deployment. Beijing Office of Safety Committee issued a document, the issuance of municipal safety committee safety inspections comprehensive inspection program of work. Under the program, the Council became one of 17 members of the unit inspection teams City Safety Committee established. This is the first time as Beijing Bureau of the city to participate in the management of production safety supervision work on advocacy and promoting the Beijing meteorological work of the government has played a positive role.

August 13 morning, the Council held in the city of lightning safety inspection work to deploy the General Assembly. The meeting called for fully understand the great performance of lightning safety and the importance of social management functions of responsibility. Establishment of lightning safety normalization mechanism, improve lightning safety awareness of the whole society, full, active participation in the safety inspection of the work of district and county governments, and to let the weather play a bigger role in working capital, security, access to higher reputation.

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Aug. 15, 2016