Be careful when using the Thunder solar water heater in rainy weather.

Solar water heaters commonly used on the roof of residents may have certain safety hazards during the installation process. Many untrained installation workers do not connect the water heater to the lightning protection device installed on the roof when installing the water heater for effective equipotential bonding (should avoid direct connection to the lightning rod). Or the water heater is installed outside the lightning protection zone of the building, so that it is directly exposed to the lightning strike range. In fact, the water heater has become a lightning receptor. Once a lightning strike is struck, a powerful lightning current will enter the user's room directly through the water heater's pipes, power lines and signal lines, and lightning will likely be conducted along the conductors to the bathroom. This brings physical harm to the bather.
Experts suggest that when installing solar water heaters - lightning protection should be done well, and at the same time, avoid using water heaters when thundering.

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Nov. 18, 2019