Artificial respiration is the key to the rescue of the injured by lightning

Artificial respiration is the key to the rescue of the injured by lightning

Summer is the season of high incidence of lightning disaster , outdoor activities or misfortune if struck by lightning in the room , on-site personnel shall adopt methods that rescue. Professor marked on the lightning appeared in " suspended animation " appearance, timely usefully artificial respiration is vital rescue .

On a class of lightning recently held a wide range of knowledge , Henan Lightning Protection Center , said senior engineer Zhang Yonggang , under normal circumstances, would not appear to be struck by lightning skin burns due to the same degree of severity , such as fainting or heart intermittent appearances on to a lesser extent of injury , the disposal is relatively simple ; on the latter two , in time usefully artificial respiration is vital rescue .

According to Professor introduction , was struck by lightning injuries occur suddenly of cardiac arrest , respiratory sudden appearance of intermittent , often referred to as lightning " suspended animation " phenomenon. This time to the scene immediately organized the rescue of injured person lying on the ground , artificial respiration , and should immediately call the emergency center , carried out by professionals who injured a useful disposal and treatment.

Professor Kay tips, artificial respiration should note the following: he pushed his forehead , back of the head as much as possible , together with the other arm to lift the neck forward ; adhere to tracheal smooth, take exit foreign body inside , clear secretions ; extrusion pressure to fit , not too much ; squeezing and relaxation time are approximately equal.

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