Anyang: Anti-Thunder security check out heavy punches

“Anyang has more than 500 flammable and explosive fields in the city, and there are frequent thunderstorms. The average annual number of thunderstorms is 28.6 days...” In this year’s Anyang City, Henan Province, the lightning protection safety inspection mobilization meeting, the city defense The deputy leader of the Thunder Mitigation Work Leading Group (hereinafter referred to as the Leading Group) and the Director of the Meteorological Bureau Zhou Guanhui spoke of the grim situation of Anyang's lightning protection. A lightning safety inspection from March to October began.
Troubleshoot the risk of tight production safety
Recently, news of major accidents has repeatedly appeared in newspapers, and Shanxi Xiangning and Jiangsu Xiangshui have successively suffered serious accidents. Anyang belongs to the Duolei area, especially in the western mountainous areas of the city. There have been many lightning disasters. With the rapid development of economy and society and the increasing number of modern facilities, the harm of lightning disasters has become increasingly prominent.
As the flood season approaches, lightning disasters have to be prevented. The Anyang Municipal Government tightened the string of safety production, and the leading group issued the “Notice on the Special Inspection of Lightning Protection Work in the City” as an important part of the government's safety inspection. The inspection focused on the lightning risk investigation, through the self-inspection of various enterprises and institutions, the Meteorological Bureau and the Emergency Management Bureau jointly supervised, and the lightning protection safety special random sampling was carried out in stages. The inspection time lasted from March to October and lasted for 8 months.
The focus of the inspection varies from subject to object. This is a practical and practical check. According to the characteristics of different inspection objects, the leading group has identified different inspection priorities. For example, for the county (city, district) government, the inspection mainly focuses on whether the lightning protection safety work is included in the safety assessment and evaluation system indicators, and whether the responsibility for mine disaster prevention land management is fully implemented; for all relevant departments and units, mainly focusing on lightning safety work Whether it is included in the industry, the scope of special inspection and assessment of safety production in this field, and whether the responsibility for lightning safety supervision is implemented. For enterprises and institutions located in the "core" position of lightning protection inspection, the inspection is mainly based on the establishment of lightning protection safety agencies, emergency rescue of lightning protection safety accidents, investigation of lightning safety hazards, and regular inspection of safety performance of lightning protection devices. . For the lightning protection device testing unit, it focuses on checking the practice.
The inspection requires all levels of meteorological departments to raise their awareness level and implement their responsibilities. In accordance with the requirements of the safety production responsibility system of "the party and government have the same responsibility, one post and two responsibilities, all work together, and dereliction of duty", strengthen supervision and inspection, and promote safe production. In-depth development; at the same time, work closely with the emergency management department to establish a work linkage mechanism to ensure the normalization of lightning protection safety inspections after centralized special inspections.
Based on the mine disaster, in March this year, the leading group also issued an announcement on the safety inspection of lightning protection devices in the “Anyang Daily”, “Anyang TV Station” and “Anyang Meteorological Network”. For all types of buildings (buildings), places and facilities, and units engaged in lightning protection equipment testing activities, the leading group put forward the "hard bar" for lightning protection and disaster reduction, and once again requested the meteorological departments at all levels in the city to strengthen the lightning disaster prevention work in the areas under their jurisdiction. The organization and management shall carry out the work of mine safety supervision and management within the scope of duties.
In the inspection of this year, the leadership team strived to innovate and formulated the "Lightning Safety Supervision and Inspection Account" to replace the "Lightning Protection Device Safety Test Certificate" in the past, which will become the normalization. Conduct "light weapon" for lightning protection safety inspection.
For example, with the opening of the lightning protection market, lightning protection testing units have sprung up, and the number is extremely high. Now the enterprise is "one in hand", the lightning protection safety measures have been detected over the years, the safety performance of the lightning protection device is regularly detected, and the lightning protection safety hazard investigation and treatment situation is clear at a glance, guiding the dangerous, flammable and explosive places to implement lightning protection. The responsibility of the security subject is more intuitive, and it is more convincing to prevent the "thunder".
Next, the leading group will raise the lightning protection inspection for hazardous, inflammable and explosive places into a routine system for government safety inspections.

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July.08, 2019