Anhui: Strengthen the inspection of lightning protection facilities to ensure the safety of personnel and places

China Meteorological News correspondent Wu Chenxing reported that since June 2 entered the plum, Anhui has had many rainy days and heavy rainfall, accompanied by strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds. In order to effectively strengthen the prevention and response to disastrous weather such as thunder and lightning, and to ensure the safety of flood control personnel and places for lightning protection, the Anhui Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office recently issued an emergency notice. The notice requires that all cities and relevant departments in the province strengthen the inspection of lightning protection facilities and the investigation of hidden dangers, and immediately organize the inspection and inspection of the lightning protection facilities at the fixed dyke duty sites such as the Yangtze River, the main branch of the Huaihe River, the riverside tributaries, and the lake dikes. , To ensure the personal safety of the patrol dyke guards. Meteorological departments at all levels strengthen the guidance of professional and technical personnel on lightning protection safety work, and effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of lightning strikes; it is necessary to attach great importance to lightning protection safety in flood control work and strengthen lightning monitoring and early warning. All municipalities and relevant departments should strive to expand the coverage of early warning, timely pass the early warning information to the frontline flood control personnel, and remind them to do a good job in disaster prevention and avoidance, especially lightning defense and response. Strengthen the publicity and popularization of lightning prevention knowledge, carry out lightning protection knowledge popularization and education activities, and popularize lightning defense knowledge through various forms such as issuing dyke inspection lightning protection cards, and improve the risk awareness and avoidance ability of flood control dyke personnel.

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Nov. 23, 2020