2010 German electronic & electric industry exports to China increased dramatically year-on-year

According to the German electronic and electrical industry association issued monthly reports show, last December, the industry can turnover 149 billion euros, year-on-year growth; 16.2% Exports 134 billion euros, up 19.5% growth rate.
2010, German electronic electrical industry total turnover of usd 1647 billion euros, year-on-year growth of 14%; Total exports year-on-year, 1509 billion euros have already exceeded the global economy 23.4 annual peak, before the crisis and gen exports annual highs. The industry's largest export market for France, the United States, China, Italy and the Netherlands, exports for 116 billion respectively, 103 billion, 99 billion, 97 billion and 77 billion euros, up 22%, respectively, increased 23 and 26 percent 44%, 46%.
2010, German electronic electric industry for the total imports 1363 billion euros, year-on-year growth over the global economic crisis, 28.3% happened before the 2008 peak. Among them, imports from China 341 billion euros, growth of 43 percent, 25% of total imports, China has comfortably electrical industry's biggest source of import, and from the euro zone than more than other members, 21% of import proportion sum.
According to the association survey, in February, to electrical and electronic industry's export business confidence still, 92% of the company expected future 3 months export will be better or remain stable.